Gather is the central place for all your member info. Directory features include:

For everyone:

For admins:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all community members need a Gather account?

Yes. This is a fundamental assumption of Gather’s design.

What about children?

Children also have separate accounts in Gather, but:

Having children in Gather is useful for things like listing them in the member directory, including them in the meals or work program, etc.

What are the different member roles and what can they do?

Role Abilities
Admin All
Biller View and update accounts, send statements, apply late fees, etc.
Meals Coordinator Create and update meals and meals formulas, send meals messages
Work Coordinator Create and update jobs and periods, change shift assignments
Photographer Update member photos
Wikiist Edit protected wiki pages, delete wiki pages

What is the difference between Email and Google ID in a member profile?

Email is the address at which people want to be contacted.

Google ID is what people will use for Google sign-in. If the person never needs to sign in or wishes to use password sign-in, they don’t need a Google ID.

How do households relate to units?

A unit represents a physical location like a house or apartment.

A household represents a group of members that share finances for the purposes of billing. Several households may exist in a single unit. Meal signups and billing statements are on a household basis for this reason. It wouldn’t make sense to send separate statements to two members of the same household.

In general, each member must belong to exactly one household. An exception to this rule is that children can belong to multiple households if their parents/guardians are in different households.

Will inactive users still receive emails?

Only billing statement-related emails will still go to inactive users in the event they still have a balance. Inactive users can also have their emails deleted so even billing statement emails could be silenced by removing the inactive user’s email address.