Gather is a web application for managing cohousing communities. It has been in use at three Ann Arbor communities since the fall of 2015. Here are some stats:

Below is a detailed list of features.

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Gather’s initial purpose was as a meals administration system. Gather communities tend to have very healthy meals programs.

We believe this is in large part thanks to Gather and a preceding, now-retired system from which Gather drew inspiration.

Meals support is robust, and includes:





Planned Features

Gather does a lot but it could do so much more. We’ve got big plans. In particular:

As you can see, many of the above features arise from the unique needs of cohousing communities. Each one of them represents a pain point in the operation of our communities here in Ann Arbor. Building solutions for them into a convivial tool could make everyone’s lives easier and perhaps also make the prospect of starting new cohousing communities that much less daunting.

Gather is a project of Sassafras Tech Collective, an Ann Arbor-based worker cooperative.