Community is all about sharing. Gather makes it easy to share common resources in a fair and organized way:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I delete a reservation after it has started?

Reservations can’t be deleted after they have started because we feel this increases the incentive to only reserve community resources when one is reasonably certain of needing them, rather than doing so speculatively with the intention of possibly canceling later.

Reservations can still be shortened after they have begun, and we recommend this as the proper course of action for someone realizing they no longer need the resource. They can shorten the booking to end around the current time, after which someone else is then free to reserve it.

If some communities disagree with the above then we can certainly make this an option in the system rather than a hard and fast rule. Please let us know.

How do we set maximum booking amounts or maximum days in advance or …?

Gather has a sophisticated set of protocols for governing reservations. They include:

Each of the above is configurable for a single resource or group of resources.

Can I reserve multiple resources for the same event?

We are working on this function. Currently, the system will merge events with the same names and times into a single event on the reservations calendar, but you do have to create multiple reservations.

How do I configure all the above settings?

Click ‘Reservations’ and then click the ‘Protocols’ tab. Create a new protocol or edit an existing one. See the descriptions beneath each field in the protocol form for more information on what you can achieve with the protocol.