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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a wiki?

The reason we built a wiki into Gather was so we could have full control over the user interface and maintain an integrated experience. Other open-source wikis are all, in our experience, pretty clunky or lacking key features.

The wiki has been a huge success at Touchstone Cohousing, even among elderly residents! Pre-wiki, we were having a pretty hard time with information architecture. Our shared Google Drive was well organized, but people still had a lot of trouble finding things or even just “getting into” Drive in some cases.

Google Docs are also heavier-weight than a typical web page. They are slower to load, and clicking a link opens up a new tab. It’s not easy to jump around in order to find what you want or see what is available.

We still use Drive and Docs (they are peerless when it comes to collaborative editing) but we have the following guidelines:


Google Drive