I love, love, LOVE Gather! Gather has reduced meals accounting from 10+ hours per month to less than 2 hours per month. This has been a huge time saver for me (the accountant) and our community.

Gather has also completely removed meal questions altogether! Accounting and meal statements are so easy and understandable now, I’m no longer getting “which meals did I attend?” and other questions every month.

Our community has taken to Gather surprisingly quickly. We planned for a 2 month onboarding process, but after 2 weeks, all 34 households were fully using Gather for meals sign ups and accounting. It was very easy!

Overall I’ve been so happy and impressed with Gather!

– Ross Harpestad, Mosaic Commons

Gather was a wonderful replacement of our old online meal system - it’s so clear and easy to use. And, it can do so much more than our old system could; its hard to remember how we managed without it.

– Jillian Downey, Great Oak Cohousing

From a senior’s perspective with not as much tech savvy, I find Gather easy to use. Job choosing is now an easy task and it makes the Work Committee’s job much more efficient. It is also helpful for our “Care Team” to check on birthdays and new neighbors.

– Mary Ann Marquardt, Touchstone Cohousing

I absolutely love Gather! Gather lives up to the promise of technology. It helps solve coordination problems that are difficult but annoying AND it doesn’t cause new problems or take up your time. It is an elegant technology that helps communities to come together to collaborate on the shared joys (and drudgeries) of community life. Hooray for Gather!

– Daniel Thiel, Great Oak Cohousing

As the former Work Committee convener, I found gather to be invaluable … it automates most of the routine tasks that took up a lot of time, leaving us to be able to focus on the other aspects (fairness, equity, individual needs) of the work process. I can’t believe we functioned without it as long as we did and I would NEVER advocate going back.

– Deb Kraus, Touchstone Cohousing

Everything in the Gather system works simply and elegantly. Even our techno-challenged users can get up to speed easily after a quick demo. Best of all is that the Gather system has made it possible to use our common house and resources to their full community potential, which is the ultimate goal. Thank you!

– Paul Conahan, Sunward Cohousing

Gather makes it easy to look up who’s doing what when, what this week’s menus are, and how to get in touch with anyone in the community. I love how I can search in Gather for everything that goes on, all in one place on my smartphone. I can reserve a guest room, check on a committee meeting location, and find out who drives that white Honda that has a flat tire, all within a few minutes. All the organization that cooperative living requires is much easier with Gather.

– Sandra McIntyre, Touchstone Cohousing

I think it is a testament to the quality of Gather that our most techno-phobic residents have taken to it so well.

– Leila Tite, Monterey Cohousing

From a marketing standpoint Gather shows new potential buyers how organized and well-run we are. People are quite impressed with our community when they see Gather.

– Robin Kahler, Touchstone Cohousing

I’m very grateful for the thoughtful construction and flexibility of the Gather system. Gather’s design allows it to respond to the changing needs or our cohousing community. This has benefitted Sunward several times since the system’s inception. We are most recently appreciative of the way Gather has been modified to help us update our emergency contact information. Thank you!

– Edith Lewis, Sunward Cohousing

I really like that Gather syncs with my Calendar, so meals and jobs just show up in my calendar. What a time saver! The wiki is also a great tool to catalog all your community’s information.

– Lesli Daniel, Touchstone Cohousing